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Ever since the current magistrate assumed office, the Taitung County Government has been putting effort into constructing the County and transforming it into a county of tourism and culture. In order to strengthen the promotion of cultural activities, in January of 2000 Taitung County Cultural Center was restructured into Taitung County Government Bureau of Cultural Affairs, with the hope that this upgrade in structure will integrate more resources for the work of cultural construction.

The Bureau is in charge of promoting cultural activities, with the two following main goals:

  1. Make Art a Part of Life & Make Life a Kind of Art: One of the goals is to promote a variety of arts and cultural activities and with the participation of the people, merge arts into life so that life is full of arts and create an ideal cultural environment from the heart.
  2. Localize Arts & Promote Quality Arts: Another goal is to promote cultural activities that demonstrate local characteristics so that the local culture can be preserved and encouraged. At the same time, introduce quality arts and cultural activities to the County in order to raise the local cultural standards.

Taitung County has been called “back mountain” for a long time, which means that the County falls behind in the construction of every respect. On the basis of her original uniqueness, rich nature and humanities resources, the Taitung County Government plans to make Taitung a new pearl of the pan-Pacific in the near future by promoting cultural construction both in software and hardware and adding to it the active thinking of the ocean culture.